Family Dispute Resolution

Mediation offers an opportunity for separated couples to negotiate their post-separation parenting arrangements, financial arrangements and/or property division in a calm, respectful environment.

Mediation – also known as Family Dispute Resolution – involves sitting down with an independent, impartial third party (the mediator) to discuss the issues which are in dispute and to collaboratively problem-solve to find solutions which are acceptable to both parties.

Sharyn’s conviction that holding ‘Peace Talks’ offers the most effective means of resolving family disputes is the cornerstone of her practice.

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia – which hears most family law matters - encourages parties to mediate rather than litigate.  The Court website describes the benefits of mediation – also known as Family Dispute Resolution:

“Dispute resolution provides you with an opportunity to improve your relationship with the other party/s and reach an agreement between yourselves without the need for a court order. This allows you to make your own decision and retain control of the outcome. Because all parties are involved in reaching a resolution, it improves the chances that the agreement will last into the future. You may also learn more effective ways to communicate with the other party/s which may assist you to resolve future disputes".

“Dispute resolution is a more affordable, timely, and less stressful means of resolving disputes.”

Under the Family Law Act, anyone wanting to file proceedings in the Court about a parenting matter is required to first attempt mediation.

Sharyn is an experienced and nationally accredited mediator, and is also an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, which allows her to issue Section 60I certificates under the Family Law Act.


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As a member of the Queensland Law Society, Family Law Practitioner’s Association & Toowoomba Family Law Pathways Network, Sharyn is able to keep abreast of changes in the family law context.

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